Finally got around to posting photos from the Wedding. We have over a thousand total, so if there’s anything else you want to see, leave a comment and I’ll try to find and post it!

The Wedding!

The Wedding went great! Everything came together (including the weather!) and we had a fantastic time. Thank you to everyone who was able to come, and thank you to all those who kept us in their thoughts on this special … Continue reading 

Almost there!

It’s almost time for the wedding!

The wedding ceremony will begin promptly at 5pm. It will take some time to enter the state park, find parking, and either walk down to the ceremony or wait for the shuttle to take you. It is a leisurely five minute walk. The shuttle will not be able to take everyone at once, so please allow an extra 15-30 minutes after parking if you plan to take the shuttle down to the beach.

If you have a Washington State Discover Pass, please bring it with you and display it in the parking lot.

We’ve created a Google Plus event, and would love it if you could share candid pictures with us through Google Plus. If we missed you on the Google Plus event, please send Brian an email (directly or through the RSVP form) and he will happily add you to the list.

The wedding will be outside in September, so please dress in layers and check the weather forecast! Please wear comfortable shoes for walking on grass – additionally, the Park does not permit stillettos inside the reception area, to protect their beautiful wood floors.

Thank you so much to every one who has offered help and support as we’ve organized this wedding. We hope you can come, and we’re excited to share this milestone with our friends and family!

-Brian and Brianna

Four Weeks to go!

Wow, only four weeks left til the big day!

It’s been busy: Food and drink are lined up, linens have arrived, entertainment has been booked, dresses and tuxes for the wedding party have been ordered, the honeymoon has been arranged and we’re looking for a place to live after the wedding. Phew!

Brian’s metal casting class is just about wrapped for the summer. More info on that can be found at, but here’s a quick look at one piece he made:

Copper Casting



After a marathon session at Bed Bath and Beyond, Brian and Brianna are registered! You can follow the link below. If you ever need to find that link again, you can click on the “Registry” link just below the top photo.

Brian and Brianna’s Registry

Note: Bed Bath and Beyond regularly sends out 20%-off coupons. If you haven’t gotten one in the mail recently, you can text the word “offer” to 239-663 and you’ll be texted back two web links – the second is to a 20%-off coupon!

More Details on Cama Beach

Cama Beach State Park is located on Camano Island, Washington, a 90-minute drive north of Seattle. The buildings on location were erected as part of a 1930’s fishing resort, and the entire park was recently renovated to it’s original shine, including the brand-new Cama Center, where the reception will be held. Prior to becoming a seaside resort, the area was used for centuries by Native Americans for fishing and hunting, and today is a registered archaeological site. It looks out on sweeping views of the Puget Sound, with Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains beyond.

The actual wedding ceremony will be held outdoors, on a grassy field near the beach. Please be sure to dress in layers – we’re expecting sunshine, but this is the Pacific Northwest in early September. If the weather does turn sour, we have an alternative, covered location for the ceremony, but please bring a raincoat or umbrella for the walk between buildings, just in case. Also, ladies – no high heels! A thicker soled heel is fine, just please leave the stilettos at home. Not only are there dirt roads and grassy areas, but stilettos are banned from the Cama Center after previous visitors damaged the wood floors.

Cars are not allowed at the beach, in order to keep playing children safe and promote a tranquil environment. There are parking areas above the beach, and a shuttle to transfer guests from the parking area to the beach, and from the beach to the reception. The shuttle is ADA certified for those who need it, but the walk between the ceremony and reception is fairly short.

Parking is $10 for a one-day pass, or free with a Washington State Discover Pass.

Please give yourself some extra time for either the walk or shuttle ride from the parking lot to the beach. In order work with the Park schedule, we will be starting the ceremony promptly at 5pm.