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About Brian

Brian grew up in Everett, Washington with his Dad, Mom, and little sister Michelle. He spent a lot of time reading, and would often ride his bike to the library during summers. After graduating from King’s High School, he attended Calvin College in Michigan. In addition to attaining a liberal arts education and a degree in mechanical engineering, he met Brianna for the first time in an electrical engineering course, where they were lab partners. The following summer, both Brian and Brianna were part of a summer course in Germany where they studied Statics and Dynamics and German.

After graduation, Brian found a job with Schlumberger, and oilfield services company. While nominally stationed in Midland, Texas, he traveled extensively, including four months in Venezuela, multiple trips to Europe, and a month in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East. While this period of adventure was a lot of fun, it was often lonely. Brian invited himself to the Bultema’s Thanksgiving celebrations in 2010, and began a long-distance romance with Brianna. When Schlumberger transferred Brian’s division over to Conoco-Phillips at the end of 2011, he pulled up stakes and moved home to Seattle. Brianna followed him there.

In July, he asked Brianna to marry him. She said yes.

About Brianna

Brianna started out as the youngest of four, with only brothers to torture her. She survived through tears and laughter with the aid of her loving mother who kept telling her that her brothers help to “build character”. During her 10th year, she was overjoyed when her parents decided to adopt an infant girl from China. The Bultemas still had plenty of love to share; so another soon followed. Five years later, her littlest sister came to live in the states. Brianna now enjoys being the big sister she never had and always wanted.

After completing most of her high school’s requirements by her junior year, she dropped out and attended Calvin College in Michigan a year early. There she learned that there was some benefit to having brothers as she succeeded in a male dominate field. She found joy in Chemical Engineering and working with her hands in the theater’s set department.

Brianna met Brian in an electrical engineering course during Sophomore year. The following summer, they spent the summer in Germany together and became friends while learning Statics & Dynamics.

After graduating with her degree in Chemical Engineering, Brianna went to work for a start-up in Colorado called Auxsol, in order to be close to her family. In 2010, Brian asked if he could come up and have Thanksgiving with her and her family. Over-looking his rudeness, she invited him up from Texas, and to her chagrin, soon found herself in a long-distance relationship.

When Brian quit his job and moved back to Washington State, Brianna followed him and quickly found a job working as a contractor for BP’s Cherry Point Refinery in Bellingham.

In July, Brian asked her to marry him. She said yes.


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